Limestone Hammer Mill Machine

There is more and more limestone used in the modern industry and lots of limestone mining processing machines are needed. SBM, the professional mining and construction machine manufacturer, has produced all kinds of advanced equipment to suit the production needs, such as the limestone hammer mill machine for the limestone grinding process, the limestone crusher used to crush the block limestone material and other related machines. Here is the detailed information of limestone hammer mill machine.


  • Produce a wide range of particle sizes;
  • Work with any friable material and fiber;
  • Less initial purchase cost compared to roller mills;
  • Offer minimal expense for maintenance;
  • High-capacity particle size reduction;
  • Superior feed quality;
  • Protection of nutritive value of feed ingredients through low temperature operation;
  • Energy-saving closed rotor design;
  • Generally feature uncomplicated operation.

Design and function

The limestone hammer mill machines are radially fed for dual-rotational operation to achieve uniform wear and full utilization of screens and hammers. Models with tangential inlets are available for low-density products. The hammer mills have a direct coupled motor mounted on a base frame. The front doors are bottom-hinged and open on sliding rails. All operating points have electronic safety equipment. The hammer mills are supplied with a separator and a magnet above the inlet to protect the grinding chamber against damage and spark risks from foreign objects in the material flow.


The quality and know-how inherent in limestone hammer mill machines are backed by over a century of experience in the feed milling and other related industries around the world. The requirements of grinding a large number of special products have led to the development of the hammer mills, which are adaptable to almost any purpose, whether coarse or fine grinding is required, e.g. raw materials for the production of animal feed, fish feed, petfood and biomass products, such as wood flakes, straw and other surplus materials.

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