Limestone Milling Equipment For Sale

Raymond mill Used in limestone milling production line can bring you benefit. The Raymond mill has many advantages:

1. The number of finished products is up to standard

The machine discharge is between 0.045-0.18mm (80-325 mesh), the fineness is adjustable, which can meet the production requirements of 325 mesh;

2. Expected output value is up to standard

It is estimated that the daily output of a single machine is 8-176 tons, which can fully meet the needs of most of the milling production. In addition, if the customer has special needs, it can also be customized;

3. standardized operation standards

With centralized control, the grinding workshop can basically achieve unmanned operation, and the maintenance is convenient, in line with modern production needs;

4. energy saving and environmental protection standards

Equipped with a special dust collector, the dust emission concentration is completely lower than the national environmental protection regulations. In addition, the entire airflow system of the airframe is a closed cycle, circulating under positive and negative pressure conditions, especially the air self-circulation system, which greatly reduces the amount of exhaust air and reduces dust. ,energy saving.

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