Manganese Ore Beneficiation Process Line

At present, the manual sizing and sorting of manganese ore practised in India give an yield of about 30 to 55 per cent of saleable manganese ore in the r.o.m. ore along with the ore fines are becoming stockpiled at the mines, since there isn’t any market place for precisely the same. Taking into consideration the relevant variables in the Indian situation, namely manganese being an vital ingredient for steelmaking, restricted reserves of proved manganese ore, low recovery of saleable ore and progressive growth of steel production from the country, the installation of suitable beneficiation such as agglomeration facilities to beneficiate the low grade manganese ore fines and agglomerate them as well as to improve the lump recovery, is considered totally essential for the conservation of the country’s limited reserves.

Manganese Ore Beneficiation Process Line

  1. Ore washing and screening;
  2. Gravity separation;
  3. Strong magnetic separation;
  4. Gravity and magnetic separation;
  5. Strong magnetic-flotation;
  6. Pyrogenicprocess beneficiation;
  7. Chemical choosing method for manganese.

Beneficiation of manganese ores may be defined because the approach of upgrading and enriching the helpful mineral content from the ores, by removing undesirable and deleterious components. The processes adopted rely on the physical and chemical characteristics from the ore minerals, to reap the benefits of properties like specific gravity, magnetism, surface qualities and so on. The beneficiation processes usually employed are washing ; gravity concentration – jigging, heavy media separation, spiralling and tabling ; and magnetic separation and floatation.

Most of the manganese ores are getting presently subjected to beneficiation ranging from basic crushing, classification, washing and jigging to heavy media separation, also known as sink-float separation, to achieve higher recovery of saleable ore and to acquire a high grade concentrate. There have already been significant developments in recent years in sink-float separation technology.

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