Marble Milling Equipment Price in Pakistan

The country has immense reserves of various minerals and natural resources. Important minerals found in Pakistan are gypsum, limestone, chromites, iron ore, rock salt, silver, gold, precious stones, gems, marble, copper, coal, graphite, sulphur, fire clay, silica.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province accounts for at least 78% of the marble production in Pakistan. Pakistan is home to some of the most finest and purest grades of marble, granite and slate found in the world. Much of the grades A Marble that is exported out of European countries like Italy actually have their origins in Pakistan which previously lacked fine polishing and processing machinery. The Government has taken steps to invest in this crucial sector with the recent establishment of a Marble City within Balochistan.

Marble Processing Project

The plant would process (cut to predefined sizes and polish) raw marble blocks and produce marble strips/tiles and slabs. The project would not only focus the construction industry and demand for marble within Manshera city, but also in other parts of the province and the country. The project will be run to produce the best quality marble products. Special care and quality control will be observed in finishing the marble products, so that the export targets can be achieved.

In marble processing production line, many different techniques and machinery are involved such as quarry machine, extraction plant, crushing plant, grinding mill, screening plant, separation machine, processing plant etc.

Marble Milling Equipment

Comminution is an essential element of mineral processing. It is composed of a sequence of crushing and grinding processes. A wide range of mills has been developed for particular applications. Some types of mills can be used to grind a large variety of materials whereas others are used for certain specific grinding requirements.

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