Rotor Maintenance For Impact Crusher

Whenever the crusher is open for any reason, take time to observe the condition of the rotor. Take pictures of high wear areas and critical surfaces, and save them for future comparison.

Changes in wear patterns can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Essentially, all impactors do best with even feed across the rotor at a rate that stays consistent. If you observe wear on the hammers or rotor body that becomes a concern, always feel free to contact the folks at SBM. Unexpected changes in wear on the rotor assembly can be puzzling at times, but we can help identify causes and recommend cost-effective remedies.

The hammers used in Universal impactors all feature a protruding leading edge. The hammer profile provides a means to hold the output gradation longer through the life of the hammer. The best time to flip the hammers is when you realize the capacity has dropped off or the return load in a secondary loop is growing. This assumes you have adjusted the curtains to keep pace with hammer wear. Generally speaking, every one inch of hammer wear will noticeably affect the output gradation of the crusher. Adjusting to compensate for hammer wear will ultimately reduce fines, prolong capacity, and promote efficiency throughout the system.

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