Sand Clay Beneficiation Equipment

Since the sand clay containing so much mineral elements,if we want to get useful ore separated from the gangue,what kind of methods can be use?In Bolivia,The best metheod is sand clay beneficiation.Dressing of the sand clay often adopt flotation beneficiation process, and often supplemented by gravity separation, magnetic separation component combination.


Because sandy clay is very fine, so we don’t have to flour.Just use the dryer for drying, remove the water contained in clay sand.


At this stage we choose spiral classifier, sorted for different operations. Save the useful ore, circulation of materials that contain other gangue can processing, finally recycling.FL spiral classifiers are widely used for separation plant.they can be combined with ball mill to form a closed circuit for preliminary classification and check classification,sometimes they can be applied for ore washing, desliming and dewatering as well.

This spiral classifier is designed for different kinds of process which can separate different materials.In the mining industry, it separate the particles into a number of products graded according to size in the complete closed loop together with ball mill , and also in the beneficiation plant it can separate the slurry or liquid from solid particles. Separate light particles from heavy particles in the gravity separation process, separate of fine particles and liquid from coarse particles in the metal ore dressing process.


We can use BF flotation machine to separate useful minerals.BF Flotation machine apply new style forward–type tank, double balde water wheel, it is also matched with diversion pipe and fake bottom device. The slurry inside the tank will make the up and down double circulation according to the certain way, which is good for coarse mineral suspension, it can make the air self–absorption, self-slurry absorption, no need foam pump.BF flotation machine impeller is composed of the closed double frustum, It could happen strong mineral slurry circulation in order to achieve the purpose of the separation of minerals.

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