Sand Washing Machine Price

The sand washing unit has been designed in order to obtain sand meeting with the requirements of industry such as grain size, fineness modulus, cleanliness, content of non desired elements (organic material, chloride, sulphate, etc.) These units are used to treat sand for sand, concrete as well as other industrial sands, bentonite slurry and other minerals.

This equipment is combined into plant configurations including recipe sand (fractionating) plants, conventional construction sand plants and specialty sand plants. These sand plants cater to everything from natural to manufactured sand, sports sand (golf, ballpark ), sand (oil and gas), and utility sand (pipe bedding).

Sand Washing Machine Features

  • Simple structure.
  • The bearing device of impeller drive is separated from water and materials with water, to avoid the damage of the bearing.
  • New sealing structure and reliable transmission device.
  • Reasonable structure.
  • High capacity, low power consumption.
  • Easy structure, stable operation.

Sand Processing Plant

The technique involves drilling a typical oil or natural gas well thousands of feet below the earth’s surface and using explosives to create small cracks in the rock. Then water, sand, and chemicals are pumped under high pressure into the well for the purpose of expanding the cracks and holding them open. By fracturing the rock and then holding these fractures open it is possible to more easily remove the resources sequestered in the rock.

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