Silica Sand Crushing and Washing Units

The silica sand crushing units from SBM is the vertical shaft impact crusher which occupies high production rate and advanced technology. The complete range of SBM vertical shaft impact crusher incorporates rock-on-rock crushing technology that has revolutionized the aggregates and minerals industries worldwide. SBM rock-on-rock crusher offers the modern operator product grading control by optimizing numerous variables: variation of rotor speed; choice of crushing chamber cavity rings; adjustment of cascade feed ratio; selection of different diameter rotors.

Silica sand washing units

The sand washer assembly consists of a motor stirrer unit, glass wash beaker, cleaning brush, metal stand, syphon tube and control box. An extra beaker is provided to enable a second test to be carried out concurrently within the settling and drying periods of the first test.

Silica sand washing unit has high washing cleanliness and causes no pollution or little sand loss during the washing process. Designed with rational structure, novel seal structure, totally enclosed oil bath type gearing and adjustable overflow weir plate. Very little medium sand, fine sand and stone powder loss during the washing process. The grading and fineness modulus of building sand washed are all up to industrial standard. Handling capacity is great and power consumption is low. The sand washer saves water resources and causes no pollution. It is quite durable.

If you are interested in our silica sand crushing plants and the washing units, you can contact us through the live chat window to get more detailed information. SBM is looking forward to cooperating with you all.

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