Silica Sand Extraction Plant Price

The tradictional silica sand mining method, using draglines and bucket-wheel reclaimers, has largely been replaced by shovel-and-truck mining, which gives greater flexibility. SBM developed new types hydraulic excavators and complete series of silica and extraction plant.

Run-of-mine silica sand, dug directly from the pit faces, is hauled to in-pit crushing stations, and is then slurried and pumped to the silica sand extraction plants. The hydrotransport system has revolutionised materials handling in the district’s mining operations.

SBM has been specialized in crushing and extraction technology for long history. Based on professional experience, we developed complete range of silica sand extraction plant for sale, such as crushing plant, grinding mill, sand making machine, screening plant, sand washing machine, separation plant, dryer, classifier etc. If you want to know silica sand extraction plant price in China or any other information, please contact us.

Silica Sand Recycling Equipment

Recycling and re-use of silica sand, and products manufactured from silica sand, may afford considerable savings not only of the sand itself, but also of other raw materials and energy, as well as reducing the impact of extraction on the environment.

Further environmental advantages of re-use/recycling are that the landfill requirement for wastes can be reduced and, with regard to the foundry industry, the need for transport can be reduced by the re-use of locally reclaimed sand. MPAs and the extracting and consuming industries should therefore consider what steps they can take to encourage re-use/recycling where there are environmental benefits to be gained.

SBM Extraction Solution

We do this by providing superior support that addresses our customer’s site specific needs. Our on-site application technologists ensure that our customers receive best extraction performance. We offer technologies and service that:

  • Optimize production plant
  • Provide superior selectivity of copper over iron, or cobalt over calcium and magnesium
  • Decrease the cost of your operations
  • Allow you to process difficult ores
  • Optimize the use of natural resources
  • Minimize waste
  • Strengthen and support your technical team

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