Silica Sand Processing Equipment

With all the development of economy and also the gradual development from the infrastructure, the scope of application of the rod grinder becomes much more and more widely. Based on the use of the rod mill, the rod mill may be divided into wet variety rod mill and dry rod mill. The customers can select the machine based on their actual situation. Rod mill (ever named bar mill) is mainly utilized for raw material processing and crushing, such as feldspar, quartz, ore, and so forth. It’s also appropriate for silica sand, cement, steel grit, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregates and so on. So it is a type rod grinder.

Rod Milling Machinbe for Silica Sand Processing

Rod mill has dry and wet two kinds to choose, silica sand milling customers shall make a option depending around the actual Requirement. The organization makes use of advanced output controllable technologies, with the face milling material set the suitable miller, alter the traditional surface speak to into line get in touch with, make the output granularity of silica sand evener, higher item. At the same time, it truly is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, glassed Industry, along with the high fineness requirement of milling sector milling, sand producing of building rod mill working principle Rod milling type program pressure-blasting machine by motor through reducer and peripheral large gear transmission or by low-speed synchronous motor straight via the surrounding huge gear transmission, drive barrel rotary. Eventually, customer will get the desired silica sand products.

Positive Aspects of Rod Milling Machine

1.To save power: Rod mill has 40% power saving than classic rod grinding machine, particles are a lot more uniform. Comparing the characteristic of completed items of rod mill and milling machine: they may be virtually identical in open work of the rod mill and close operate on the ball mill.

2.Adopt advanced materials-access controllable pin crusher technology, equipped using a appropriate abrasive material grinding method determined by actual user, modify surface-contact of classic ball mill into line-contact, make discharged components much more uniform, and make production a lot more larger as well as far more suitable for distinct hardness(Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 12)ore.

3.The fineness of discharged supplies may be adjusted, change particle size via straightforward adjustment: equip-in fineness controllable device, as well as the screening device is available for discharged materials, you will find two pass-guard to make sure neither excessive grinding nor substandard particles mix into finished items. The rod mill goods feature is relevant to particle ore of rod grinding scenario. When the rod hit against the ore, coarse particle is hited firstly, then smaller sized mineral particles are below grinding to lessen the risk of excessive-crushing. When rod turn increasing with lining plate, fine particle falls by means of bars sieve and coarse particle is blocked, it is conductive to click coarse particle into pieces, and also make coarse grinding media concentrate on hitting area. Therefore the rod products are far more uniform and less over-crushing.

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