Vibrating Feeder in Mining Industry

Vibrating feeder performs to continuously and evenly feed lump, particle and powdered components from hopper to belt conveyer, bucket elevator, screens and crushing machines, etc. Stepless regulation is readily available for SBM’s vibrating feeder to automatically and centrally manage the feeding volume.

Vibrating feeder can supply ores and rocks inside 500mm for the next operating process. Within the sand-stone production line, vibratory feeder can send components to crusher evenly and continuously and at the very same time, it may screen supplies roughly. It can be employed in these locations including the metallurgical market, the coal mining market, mining-selecting, constructing, chemical and grinding industry, and so forth.

Ore vibrating feeder is mainly utilized for continuously and evenly feeding coarse crusher, screening the fine aggregate, and as a result enhances crusher capacity. When operated, ore vibrating feeder can send huge and granular materials for the receiving device evenly, frequently and continuously. Within the sand generating production line, it is even and steady feeding crusher aids avoid feeding-hole.

Vibrating Feeder Characteristics

  1. Flexible and trustworthy design;
  2. Extra heavy-duty construction;
  3. Exclusive vibrator engineering;
  4. Excellent performance-conditioning, no flushing phenomenon of materials;
  5. Straightforward upkeep and low operating cost;
  6. Long service life, low noise,low power consumption, smooth vibration.

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