What Should Do Before Jaw Crusher Starting

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The jaw crusher is the prevalent equipment in processing stone components. But if you do not prepare prior to jaw crusher starting, it is going to have an effect on the production, even harm the machine all through operation system and lead to a serious overhaul or re-purchase of machinery, that’s unquestionably a fantastic loss for that enterprise. In fact, you can reduce the risk of machine failure to a certain extent after understanding what should do before jaw crusher starting.

What Should Do Before Jaw Crusher Starting

1.Be sure to test each and every component just before jaw crusher commencing, clean the foreign physique from the jaw crusher crushing chamber, like the left materials in the cavity, various production resources, wire, iron, and so on..If any, should be timely taken out. If commence jaw crusher with these details inside, it is going to overload and burn out the motor or harm the movable jaw plate and static jaw plate components. Prior to you start the jaw crusher machine, you must check out the protection measures of jaw crusher, due to the fact in any situation, safety is first;

2..Before the jaw crusher commencing, people today will test the machine bearings and lubrication problems of other lubricated position. Only fantastic lubrication of your machine can maximize production, the machine just isn’t susceptible to issues. Taking any measures to make certain the production runs smoothly.

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